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 Post-event Reports

Global Skills 育成演習の一環として、以下2名の学生が海外インターンシップ(オプション)を行いました。

4期生 平山翔太(工学研究科博士後期課程1年)
研修先:Eindhoven University of Technology(オランダ)
期 間:平成29年7月17日~平成29年10月13日
目 的:ヘム分子やヘムタンパク質を複合化した新規超分子構造体の形成
感 想: 


2期編入生 Rathina Kumar Shanmuga Kani(医学系研究科博士課程4年)
研修先:Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University(タイ)
期 間:平成30年1月27日~平成30年2月17日
目 的:Cross-sectional Surveillance of MDROs in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Thailand using PCR-dipstick
感 想:
I went to Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand for the IPBS Internship Abroad program during 27th Jan - 17th Feb 2018. I evaluated the application of our new detection technique for multidrug-resistant pathogens in Ramathibodi Hospital. As our new technique has been designed for direct application on clinical specimens, it was a very good opportunity provided by IPBS to evaluate its efficacy in the clinical laboratory. Even though I have a theoretical knowledge about the clinical laboratory testing, it was really mind-blowing to work in person. I learnt well about the procedures involved in the diagnosis of any infectious diseases including specimen collection, processing, diagnosis, result interpretation and providing the results in the prescribed format to clinicians. I also understand the ambience of the working atmosphere in a clinical laboratory. I assessed the efficiency of our technique directly on clinical samples and got fruitful results. If I am about to work in a clinical laboratory after my graduation, the experience that I gained during this internship will be very helpful. I thank IPBS for availing this opportunity through the internship.