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 Post-event Reports

2016年9月4日(日)から10月2日(日)まで、モントレー国際大学院(アメリカ・モントレー)にて、4期生の佐藤彰典さん、奥田 匠さん、岸 本悠希さん、川嶋裕介さん、平山翔太さん、原田頌子さん、佐藤あすかさん、松村憲佑さんの8名が、海外インターンシップを行っております。


I am Akinori Sato, IPBS 4th student. I will give a report about our activities in the first week in Monterey.

We spent a week in Monterey without big problems. Monterey is city located nearby ocean. There is big temperature difference between daytime and night time. It is colder than Japan especially in the mooning because of fog. We stay with homestay family and go to Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) from the home. They are very kind and I had a nice time with them at home.

On last Sunday, we arrived at San Francisco and moved to Monterey by bus. It took more time than we expected because of a trafic jam. We met our host family at MIIS and went their home soon after we arrived Monterey. On Monday, most of us ate lunch with Ayako who is a student of MIIS and our coodinater, and after that, she guided us in MIIS and downtown of Monterey. On Tuesday, we had an orientation about MIIS and classes we have. And we met some our teachers at first. They are also very kind. After school, we went to farmer's market in downtown. Many fresh vegetable and fruits were sold there. On Wednesday and Thursday, we had first classes. We have 5 type classes to improve our English skills such as presentation, discussion, writing, pronunciation and so on. Since this week was first, classes did not progress much but there were already many surprising things for us about English. On Friday, we visited Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsuka (CHOMP) as a part of class "site visit". We looked around the hospital and learn difference from Japanese hospital and their strategies to make the hospital comfortable for patients. On Saturday, we visit Monterey bay aquarium with Ayako. We watched many animals, fishes, and feeding them. When feeding, we saw a dynamic movement of animals or fishes, it was so interesting. On this Sunday, we spent our time with homestay family individually. My host father took me 17-mile drive, where I saw beautiful view of ocean and beach. After that, we had a barbecue and enjoyed communicating.

In the first week, I found many differences between Monterey and Osaka, they were interesting. From next week, classes will progress much for three weeks. We will participate the classes and try to improve our English skills as much as possible in this internship.


Akinori Sato